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Posted on 13:33

Derby Weekend 2008: Day 1

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2008 marked Tommy's 7th annual Kentucky Derby experience, and with 3 Derby virgins in tow, it was a near certainty to be one of the best. It all started with a leisurely drive from Indianapolis airport that began with a hawk being electrocted on the power lines above the road and literally dropping straight down to the pavement. Little did we know this was a sign of things to come.

We hit Louisville in about 2 hours, headed straight for a gas station, and purchased the following critical supplies:

  • 3 Bud Light 40 oz.

  • 1 King Cobra 40 oz.

  • 3 18 packs Bud Light/Miller Lite/Coors

  • 3 Whatchamacalit candy bars (no, these were not purchased by Tommy)

One 40 oz and a few beers each in, we headed for a new event on the Derby weekend schedule, which is sure to become a regular standing item. The Louisville German-American Club Wing Ding is on the Thursday of Derby weekend, and it's all you can drink beer & all you can eat wings for $25. The G-A Club reminded me of the UC Davis Irish Club, of which I was an esteemed member and whose only reasons for existence I could understand were to 1) make t-shirts, 2) drink Irish beers, and 3) pad college resumes (in that order, of course). This is a good thing. Tommy will be renewing his membership to the G-A Club of Louisville every year from here on out. It was also not more than 10 minutes in the door until Ells was solicited by a down-home Kentucky single mom who REALLY wanted him to come home to her hot tub (both Thursday night and each night thereafter, the text message barrages would begin). In typical Ells fashion, he entertained just long enough to get pissed off at himself, then he really started putting down the all you can drink beers.

After our fill of beers, wings, and single moms, we headed out to the bars along Bardstown Road where most of us boozed the rest of the night away, while Robodo fell alseep on the patio at Molly Malones. Thankfully a swift kick from Tommy woke him right up, without even spilling a drop of beer.