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Picnic Day 2008

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What we thought was going to be a serious hindrance turned into a great idea. Taking the train to Picnic Day 2008 proved to create the Ironman of all party days. There was a strange sense of knowing that you totally wanted to make party, but also understanding that you had to figure out how to get back home more than 100 miles away at days end. With this knowledge, Tommy, CNOTE and Bilbo made their way via Amtrak from Emeryville to Davis.

Todd also brought his older brother "Steve" who is sitting next to him in the below picture. Steve made it 20 feet into Davis and called it quits. Wuss.

The house as in full effect as all Theta Chi Aluni participated in various methods of rapid beer consumption. This 65 year old Alum decided to bong on the front steps of the house.

Tommy took his party out back for a 30 second keg stand. The UCD students were more impressed with his 1998 Riot Nite Rush t-shirt than his tap guzzling abilities.

But while the party was in the back with Tommy, it definitely was NOT business in front on the Theta Chi lawn. The Actives decided that renting a bouncy castle was a good idea for those Alumni who decided to bring their family. The intentions were good, but no children used the castle. Instead, drunk college chicks walking by decided to get their bounce on. But because the castle was made for people under 80 pounds, major trappage occurred when the girls hit the wall. This all culminated with this excellent picture of CNOTE posing in front of a cornered coed.

Bilbo Baggins was in P-Day attendance and took time to befriend McLovin, a current Theta Chi active at UC Santa Cruz. Bilbo was also spotted fiddling with a ring and chilling on the skate ramp holding Rush signs.

While partying downtown at the Paragon/Froggys, Cam also saw one of his boys from back in the day, Delano Benjamin.

The day ended with Tommy in a "no posing" section of downtown Davis. Fortunately the midget cop was nowhere to be seen. Immediately after this desecration of the law, we booked it for the train back to Emeryville.


ToddorTommy.com on 28 April, 2008 21:02  

Let the record show it was a 30 second kegstand...don't cheat me out of those nine (dots) seconds!