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Posted on 18:42

Bay to Breakers 2008 was AWESOME

By The Nextian at 18:42

The normal revelry of B2B went down yet again. The perfect weather and crazy atmosphere made for drunken fun all morning long. Many of Tommy's buddies from SoCal made the trek up North for the festivities and had so much fun that they pledged to return next year. Makes you wonder why a certain hobbit who lives in Marin has NEVER made it to B2B? The Olympic Torch Relay theme included Torch Runners, a Beer Bong Torch, Security Guards, Hippie Protestors and a mobile DJ Stand. Hell Yeah!

Two pipe hittin' hard core mofo's protect the Olympic Torch. Don't mess with the handlebar stash!

Here's a hippie not trusting our President. Can she get arrested for that? Dude, not in San Francisco.

Here's Cam the Security Guard posing with a super hot tranny.

Now we give you a picture of Spitzer's Whores. Our Torch Runner in the wheel chair got a lapdance from the one in the white. HOT.

Another hippie protestor protesting another thing that's wrong with the world

The crowd "running" up Hayes Hill was trying to better it's finish in the race. Here you see finishers 45,678th - 59,901st place in the B2B at the halfway point.

A famous Running Elvis caught the Torch Runners for beer bong.


C'mon Baby. To take a Torch Bong you gotta drop it like it's hot. Yeeeeee!

This ones for the ladies who like old man ass.

Team Vagina was popular with the crowd. They gave out free tacos to fellow runners.

Flaming Torch Bong!

Here you will see the one naked chick under 40 at B2B 2008. Plenty of painted boobs, but only one kinky enough to bare it all:

This guy loves peace so much that he just had to show it

Here's the Torch Relay crew pre-race:

And we leave you with our lone FBI Agent Sharp "protecting" the Torch from those damn hippies